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Innovative Design, Endless Options, and Fun for everyone.

Spartan-EV Golf Carts: A New Way of Transportation Our main goal while building Spartan-EV golf carts is to manufacture a vehicle with the best performance, security features, great durability, and multiple options to make it your own. We know the market offers other EV golf carts, but they can’t compare with the price, quality, and options we provide you with a Spartan-EV product. Contact us today to receive the best service and shopping experience.

Transportation Reinvented, For the Course and More

The Spartan-EV golf carts models we offer are incredible. Our experienced design and manufacturing team produce the most functional and personalized electric vehicles. We can build a vehicle that is perfect for you and your budget. We can offer different passenger capacity options and features that other cart makers can’t.


Spartan-EV golf carts provide silent, zero-emission smooth driving. With a top speed of 25 miles per hour, Spartan-EV golf carts get you where you need it faster. Spartan-EV golf carts are up to twice as fast as carts sold not too long ago, offering the option to drive long distance trips in an enjoyable manner. Where you considering replacing your older cart but think the new models are too expensive? This is the time to consider Spartan-EV.

AC Drive Power

Powerful and dependable Spartan-EV’s 5.4HP 4KW AC motor on the Hawk, is one of the most powerful options you can find today. Enjoy inexpensive charging and maintenance. Feel the excitement of instant acceleration, increased torque, and climbing ability. Drive in challenging routes with ease and know that our 5.4 HP 4KW AC motor that goes up to speeds of 25 MPH and itwill increase the overall efficiency of your cart, as well as noticeable improvements in range, battery life, and performance (speed & torque).

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A New Revolution is in Motion. Come and join us.

As one of the first state of the art electric golf cart companies in America, Spartan-EV is changing the way customers enjoy their free time and complete their everyday tasks. Our commitment is to design, build, and engineer the best golf cart for you and your specific needs. We provide endless options, accessories and the latest technology. We power our carts with the long-lasting 5.4HP 4KW AC motor on the Hawk.

We are making Spartan-EV golf carts available to you. Our golf carts are built with attention to detail producing vehicles with outstanding quality and durability. We have limitless options for you on zero-emission vehicles. You can select from a great range of features and accessories, making it a fit for you and your needs.

We are changing the golf cart business. Contact us and be part of the change.

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